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You do not need to spend time waiting in queues at the branch to perform your transactions. An ATM provides you with most of the business banking services. The Debit Card from HSBC is extremely versatile and simple to use, being valid both in India and overseas. What’s more, you can use the Business Debit Card at any HSBC or over 14000 VISA VISA ATMs in India. This allows you 24-hour access to any of the current accounts linked to the Business Debit Card. Business Debit Cards issued to Sole Proprietors and Partnership Firms can be used for making purchases at any of the 120,000 VISA Electron/ VISA merchant outlets in India.

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Features & Benefits

You do not need to spend time waiting in queues at the branch to perform your transactions. The HSBC ATM provides you with the option of banking instantly for various transactions, here are some of the ways it will benefit you:

  • Save time: By banking at the ATM, you save on time spent traveling to the branch or waiting for a teller.
  • 24x7 banking: At the ATM, you don't need to worry about reaching before closing time and banking on holidays.
  • Security features: When you bank at the ATM, you can make the most of its secure features like daily transaction limits and ATM receipts that help you keep track of your monies.
  • High daily transaction limits: You can withdraw up to the following amounts per day from the ATM depending on your account type:
    Business Account: Rs 75,000
    BusinessVantage: Rs 100,000
    Business Select: Rs 200,000
  • New Debit Card: You can now apply for a HSBC debit card, which will enable you to transact at non-HSBC VISA ATMs*. The debit card is FREE for Business Select customers.
  • Withdraw money:You don't need to rush to the bank next time you need some cash. Cash up to your daily transaction limit can be withdrawn in a few minutes from the nearest HSBC ATM.
    Choose the withdrawal option on the main screen
    Enter the amount
    Press 'Correct'
    Collect your money and withdrawal slip
    Collect your card
  • Transfer funds between accounts within HSBC: The funds transfer facility allows you, to transfer funds instantly between accounts. Funds can be transferred to your own accounts or any third party account held with HSBC.
  • Account balance enquiry (possible at non-HSBC ATMs): You can check your account balance at any of your nearest HSBC or non-HSBC ATM.
  • Details of recent 8 transactions: Through ATM you can get details of recent transactions carried out in your account.
  • Deposit cash / cheques: You don't need to visit the branch the next time you need to deposit cash / cheques. The ATM clearing times are displayed at each ATM.
  • Request for new chequebook: You can place a request for a new cheque book through the ATM absolutely anytime instead of going to the branch.
  • Pay your HSBC credit card and Utility bills: You can deposit your HSBC credit card bill payments at the ATM near you. If you have registered for utility bill payments through our Call Centre or Internet Banking, payments can be made through an HSBC ATM.

All ATM transactions have an option to obtain an acknowledgement if required. In case of any discrepancy between the amount withdrawn and the amount as per the transaction slip, the difference will be credited back to your account within one working day, after verification by the bank.


*A transaction fee is applicable for withdrawals from other bank ATMs in India or any ATM outside India. All cash withdrawals overseas must be strictly in accordance with the Exchange Control Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India. The aggregate expenses (i.e. through cash/traveller's cheques/your bank accounts) should not exceed the limit set by RBI, as prevailing from time to time. International debit cards cannot be used for purchase of prohibited items e.g. lottery tickets, banned or proscribed magazines, football pools, racing / riding tickets, participation in sweepstakes, payment of call-back services etc. If in doubt please contact the Bank for clarification. Domestic debit cards issued to customers holding Business Banking accounts with HSBC India are valid for transactions within India only.