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Cheque Deposit Machines

Cheque Deposit Machine

Cheque Deposit Machines

You do not need to stand in queue at the branch any more to deposit a cheque with our cheque deposit machines*. You can deposit get a comprehensive receipt with cheque image and deposit account's name.

All you have to do is:

  • Enter your account number or your Credit Card number
  • Insert the cheque in the machine face up, with the MICR code on the right.
  • When the cheque is displayed on the screen, enter the amount of the cheque.
    Confirm the amount – 1 for ‘Yes’ and 2 for ‘No’
  • Do you want an acknowledgement? - 1 for ‘Yes’ and 2 for ‘No’
  • Do you want to deposit another cheque? – 1 for ‘Yes’ and 2 for ‘No’


Please do not deposit:

  • High value and non-MICR cheques. These may be deposited at the counter. Cash/stop payment instructions in the correspondence slot. Cheques with pins/deposit slips.


Please do:

  • Write your account number on all correspondence with the bank.



  • Deposits made after the cut-off time indicated at the respective Cheque Deposit Machines will be sent for clearing on the next working day.
* Offered at select branches only