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Internet Banking for Business

HSBC Business Internet Banking: Increase in Daily Transaction Limit. Doubly Safe and Easy to use.

Business Internet Banking

Business Internet Banking (BIB) allows you to carry out your banking transactions anywhere in the world, anytime of the day, 7 days a week. BIB is a secure transacting environment as HSBC uses some of the most advanced technologies available. With the Security Device, Business Internet Banking is doubly safe. To use your HSBC online account, you need to enter your User Name and Password followed by the 6-digit security code from your Security Device. Business Internet Banking has been developed with modern technology and it is easy to use. It enables staff, accountants (or whoever else is nominated) to earn flexible access rights, which are controlled by the account holder/ authorised administrator.

Need help using Business Internet Banking? SMS 'NET' to 575750 and we will call you back.

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Features & Benefits

  • Online security
    Online banking with HSBC is one of the safest, as we use some of the most advanced technologies. An internet web page is considered secure if the URL address begins with https:// or a padlock symbol appears in the lower right hand corner of the browser. We use 128-bit SSL encryption technology to encrypt your personal information. In case you forget to log-off or your computer remains inactive for a period of time, then our systems automatically log you off. With the Security Device, Business Internet Banking is doubly safe. The Security Device generates a unique dynamic code that changes randomly based on a complex algorithm. To use your HSBC online account, you need to enter the security code in addition to your username and password.
  • Convenience
    24 hour access to your accounts, 7 days a week, wherever you are.
  • Save valuable time and resources
    Avoid queues at branches.
  • Save money
    Save up to Rs. 250 each time you make a demand draft through the Internet!
  • Transfer funds online
    Make electronic payments between your accounts within HSBC, or to other bank account across India.
  • Account balance enquiry
    Check your account balance from the convenience of your office or home any time of the day.
  • Statement requests
    You do not need to visit the branch to request for your statement. You simply need to do this with one click.
  • Request for new chequebook
    Through Business Internet Banking, you do not need to visit the branch to order for the cheque-book.
  • Open Fixed Deposit
    Create and manage your company fixed deposits online.
  • Stop Cheque
    Stop payment of a single cheque or a series of cheques, 24 hours a day.
  • Pay HSBC Credit Card bills
    Say goodbye to queues and missed dates. Pay your credit card bills online.
  • Pay your bills online
    No more bill queues, no more missed due dates; you can now use HSBC's convenient and flexible Bill Payment service to pay your bills. You can pay your mobile, telephone, gas, electricity bills and insurance premiums.


List of Billers

Ahmedabad Bangalore Chandigarh
Chennai Coimbatore Delhi
Hyderabad Indore Jaipur
Kochi Kolkata Ludhiana
Mumbai Pune Trivandrum
Vadodara Visakhapatnam  

How to register?

Registering for Internet Banking is very simple.

  • Step 1 - Complete the application form
  • Step 2 - Define your authorised delegates for your company/ firm and their limits for performing transactions.
  • Step 3 - Send the completed application form to your branch.
  • Step 4 - The authorised Delegate will each receive a Business Internet Banking user name, password and security device. Important reminder: please remember to return the Password Acknowledgement upon receipt.
  • Step 5 - Log on using the username, password and security device to begin transacting!


Need help registering for Business Internet Banking? SMS 'NET' to 575750 and we will call you back.