HSBCnet: The global electronic banking system of the HSBC Group


HSBCnet provides you with a single point of entry to a comprehensive range of financial solutions. With the benefit of advanced technology, HSBCnet enables you to manage large amounts of information more efficiently, for greater control over company finances and easier access to the necessary financial tools and services, anywhere and at any time.

Key Benefits
Greater control
 Gain greater financial control by having access to all your company accounts with HSBC
 Manage workflow efficiently by assigning rights and transaction limits for different users and accounts
Enriched information
 Access content and ideas across HSBC's products and services through an integrated platform
 Mix and match the tools that best suit your online usage habits or business roles

Trade services@hsbc

Import documentary credit applications (DC) and amendments
Apply for import DCs or make subsequent amendments online. DCs can be created faster and more efficiently using saved templates, beneficiary lists and DC clauses.
Import documentary credit applications (DC) and amendments

Import bill instructions
Create import bill instructions in one go. Details of all outstanding import bills awaiting instructions will be shown, and any discrepancies in an import bill will be presented so that you can decide whether to accept, reject or settle the bill.
Import bill instructions

Export documentary credit advising and transfer
Full text of DC advised is available and can be downloaded. You can start your manufacturing and sourcing processes earlier with real-time information. DC can also be fully or partially transferred with the click of a button.

Trade account information
The following real-time detailed trade account information is available.

  • Full text of DC issued or advised
  • Outstanding and settled bills
  • Shipping guarantees, airway bills and delivery orders
  • Loans and margin deposits
  • Expirations and due dates of DCs, bills and loans
  • Account information

You may search for trade information by search criteria such as DC number, issue date or expiry date.
Trade account information

Credit facility reporting
You can view facility information, including available credit and outstanding balances of all import/export accounts maintained with us, and monitor all transactions marked against the facility.

HSBCnet makes use of sophisticated SSL 128-bit encryption technology to deliver a high availability, secure service enforcing the use of usernames and passwords for information access. For administrative activities and financial transactions, a user requires a smart card that contains a unique personal digital certificate in association with a personal identification number (PIN).

If you are interested in finding out more about HSBCnet, or to subscribe to the service, simply contact your Relationship Manager.