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Careers with HSBC

Careers with HSBC

Careers with HSBC

To truly understand a country and its culture, you have to be part of it. With over 10,000 offices in 83 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa, HSBC maintains a dynamic international character coupled with a strong local presence in each territory. In fact you will find that we've got local people in more countries than any other bank.


What can HSBC offer you?

That really depends on who you are. Because, whatever experience you possess or wherever your ambitions lie - our size, status and sense of direction helps us offer you a very real chance of getting close to the opportunities and challenges that match your aspirations. This is just in India and when you factor in the diversity of our international network, the possibilities are almost endless.


A world of opportunities

Given the depth and breadth of our business, it's hardly surprising that we're in a position to offer literally thousands of different opportunities for you to launch and develop your career. For instance, if customer service is your thing or if you're interested in working in a retail environment, we have a diverse network of branches worth of potential for you to carve out a successful future in customer service or management. But that's far from all. We also offer a fantastic range of opportunities for specialists in everything from commercial and corporate banking to marketing, HR and IT to discover where working with the world's leading international bank can take them.


Personal and professional development

At HSBC, we take your development as seriously as you do. That's why, at every stage of your career, we'll make sure you receive the training and support you need to progress. What this means to you will vary according to your particular role and needs, but you'll generally benefit from a mixture of formal training activities - administered both in person and online - and on-the-job coaching and mentoring. Where appropriate, we'll also help facilitate opportunities for you to complete interesting secondments and placements away from your usual role, and we'll actively support you in working towards achieving relevant professional qualifications.


Benefits and rewards

No matter which part of the bank you join, we'll ensure your skills, dedication and success are both recognised and rewarded. This will mean different things for different people in different roles, but as a guide, you can generally expect your package to include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Performance-related bonus scheme (for certain roles)
  • Life insurance
  • Hospitalisation cover for you and your immediate family members
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Flexible working policy


Recruitment procedure

Recruitment procedure


Powering the balance sheet

Cutting-edge technology solutions are used by us to keep pace with the rapidly changing spectrum of customer needs to provide relevant suite of products and services. However, our people remain the backbone on which technology rides. In fact, it's their insight and initiative that has allowed us to recognise financial opportunities first. The objective is constant - create an environment that stimulates, challenges and rewards a person. In each one of our staff we value their need for personal growth along with professional development. HSBC also recognises the importance of ethical business values, creativity and diversity in a workplace and is an equal opportunity organisation. Innovations and ideas are shared throughout the HSBC network between our people, so that every customer of HSBC benefits. You may think of it as local knowledge that happens to span the globe.