Card-to-Card Transfer

Card-to-Card Transfer Card-to-Card Transfer

Introducing Card-to-Card Transfer facility - a funds transfer service that enables you to transfer money in an easy, fast, convenient and safe manner using the VISA MONEY TRANSFER service from VISA.

Send money from your Bank account to a Domestic VISA Debit or Credit card from the comfort of your home or office through online@hsbc.
No hassles of writing cheques / preparing DDs, dispatching or queuing up at the bank branches.
One of the fastest ways of sending money anywhere in India within 72 working hours.
Send upto Rs. 50,000 in a day to over 27 million VISA cardholders across 150 cities in India.

HSBC offers this facility at an introductory offer of "Zero charge" for Card-to-Card Transfers. Use online@hsbc for transferring money to any VISA card issued in India.

  How to get started

Just follow these five simple steps:

Step 1: Logon to with your Username / Internet Banking ID, password and security code.

Step 2: Click on Pay Bills / Card-to-Card Transfer tab in the left menu and select "Add Biller / Recipient VISA Card"

Step 3: Select VISA from the list of billers and register the recipient cardmember - Give the name and 16 digit VISA card number.

Step 4: HSBC will activate the Recipient VISA card within 24 hours. The card number will be included in the list of "Pay to" accounts under "Pay a Bill / Transfer to VISA card" section.

Step 5: Select the account from which the money is to be transferred. Select the VISA recipient card. Enter the amount to be transferred and indicate date. You can also set up a future or a recurring payment by specifying the date.

Your account will be debited online and the money will be sent to the beneficiary bank within 2-3 working days using the VISA system. The beneficiary Bank will then transfer the funds to the beneficiary's card account.

Logon to Internet Banking at for Card-to-Card Transfer using the VISA MONEY TRANSFER service from VISA.

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