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Transaction Banking

A current account that fuels ease of transactions.

Our entity banking services are designed to provide efficiency in managing your business and financial needs.

We offer basic banking Services for "START" & "SMART" variant and a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Ready Solutions needed for growth/expansion of your business as part of "UNLIMITED" Proposition.

  • Current accounts with varying Average Quarterly Balance(AQB) to match your requirements.
  • A privileged banking relationship that considers balances in savings account, current account, term deposits and investments to compute Average Quarterly Balance(AQB) with the bank.
  • Seamless execution of transactions using HSBCNet Online platform and HSBCNet Mobile App.

Types of Current Account Propositions


Start with the needs of setting up your business.


Scale up to a smarter business experience.


Unlock a world of unlimited possibilities for your business.

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