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teacher talking to young students; image used for HSBC India Fairer Tales page

Fairer Tales

Financial education through storytelling to empower younger generations

Fairy tales with a twist to help build financial confidence

Helping children to understand money and building financial confidence is an essential part of their education.

To help parents, guardians and teachers give children a head start on building financial sense that will last them a lifetime, HSBC has joined forces with award-winning author Emma Dodd to publish a new, free illustrated children’s book, ‘Fairer Tales: Princesses doing it for themselves’. Written especially for children ages five to seven, the book challenges traditional gender stereotypes in fairy tales, showcasing the potential of women and girls to achieve their financial goals independently.

The book twists the traditional fairy tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel so that the princesses no longer rely on Prince Charming to save them. Instead, it’s their financial acumen that gets them through, setting a positive example for both young girls and boys about the potential of women and girls to achieve their financial goals themselves.

E-book download

Download 'Fairer Tales' on your eReader for you and your children to read.

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