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Google Pay

A safer and more convenient way to pay

What is Google Pay?

If you've got an Android mobile device, then you can use Google Pay for a fast, secure, and simple way to use your HSBC credit cards to pay online or in stores.

Adding your credit cards

You’ll need a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to add a card to Google Pay.


Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store using a compatible Android device.


Using the app, register your credit card by using the 'add card' option.


Once verified, your HSBC credit card is ready to use for contactless / NFC payments, in-app purchases and with QR (Bharat QR) scan pay.

How to pay

In store payments using NFC

To use Google Pay in store, unlock your device and hold it against the NFC enabled contactless payment terminal.

Payments will be made from your default card, which was the first card you added to Google Pay. You can change your default card at any time by selecting an alternative card and tapping 'Set as default card'.

Bharat QR code scan and pay

To pay with Google Pay using a QR Code, scan the merchant's Bharat QR code with your device. Then enter the One Time Passcode (OTP) sent via SMS to complete the payment.

In-app purchases

You can use Google Pay for in-app purchases when the 'Buy with Google Pay' option is available. Enter the One Time Passcode (OTP) sent via SMS and your payment will be processed quickly and securely. Additional verification may be required. 

The default payment card will be displayed during the initial purchase process. You can then choose a different card to become the default card for payments within that app. This may be a different default card than the one used for in store transactions.

Please note that you won't be able to use your credit card for P2P (Person to Person) transfers with Google Pay.

Compatible devices

Google Pay can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and can be used on all Android phones. Android devices need an operating system of Lollipop (5.0) or higher for payments through NFC enabled contactless terminals. 

Apple devices do not currently support Google Pay.

Terms and conditions

Please note, these Terms and Conditions are in addition to your HSBC credit card Terms of Usage, guidelines and service rules.


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