All Demat account holders are requested to ensure that their latest bank account details, mobile number & E-mail id are updated with us. To update, please reach out to the nearest HSBC India branch Demat desk.

Why choose a HSBC Demat Account?

We offer you HSBC Demat accounts, armed with an entire range of conveniences specially designed to make your money work harder.


Features & Benefits 

  • You can purchase, hold and sell shares in electronic form
  • Get transaction statements as and when you transact on Monthly basis & your Holding statement on a yearly basis, showing current portfolio of shares
  • As an NRI, you can easily dematerialise your portfolio of shares in India with us*
  • You can save time with quick transfers
  • Say goodbye to risk of loss, theft or mutilation of shares
  • Now, stop worrying about bad deliveries, forgeries and duplicate share certificates
  • You can now avail the Basic Services Demat Account offerings of the bank

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

Do's and Dont's

  • To open and operate your demat account, a Self attested copy of PAN card of all account holders should be mandatorily submitted . The requirement for submitting the original PAN card for verification can be waived provided that all the accountholders submit the necessary documents for Proof of Identity other than the PAN card.
  • The demat account has a nomination facility and it is advisable to appoint a nominee to facilitate your heirs in obtaining the securities in your demat account, on completion of the necessary procedures.
  • Intimate any change of address or change in bank account details to us within seven days
  • Register for Internet-based facility to monitor your demat account yourself
  • In order to receive all the credits to your demat account automatically; you can give us a one-time standing instruction.
  • Before granting Power of Attorney to anyone, to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope and implications of powers being granted.
  • Verify your transaction statement carefully for all debits and credits in your account. If any unauthorised debit / credit is noticed, customer should immediately inform us in writing. An email may be sent to us at
  • While accepting the Delivery Instruction Slip (D.I.S.) book from us, ensure that your client ID is pre-stamped on all pages along with the serial numbers.
  • Keep your D.I.S. book safely and do not sign or issue blank or incomplete D.I.S. slips.
  • For market transactions, submit the D.I.S. ahead of the deadline. D.I.S. can be issued with a future execution date.
  • Strike out empty space, if any, in the D.I.S., before submitting

Apply for a HSBC Demat Account

Want to talk?

Call or email us today

For any queries or clarification on Demat accounts, please write to us through secure internet banking. Alternatively, you may write to us at

In case of any grievances that you may have, please refer to our grievance redressal policy.

IDeAS (Internet-based Demat Account Statement)

The Demat account overview service in Personal Internet Banking is undergoing a change. This service is currently unavailable and will be back shortly. Your demat portfolio details are now available only on the IDeAS Services offered by NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited). Do register for this service at

This service is free of cost and you will require your Client ID and access to the mobile number registered on your demat account under HSBC’s DP ID - IN300142 to set up the IDeAS service.

IDeAS (Internet-based Demat Account Statement) is the facility for viewing balances and transactions in the demat account updated on an online basis with a delay of maximum 30 minutes.

Key Features of IDeAS

  • View the updated demat account balance along with value, based on the previous day closing price
  • View transactions that have taken place in your Demat accounts during the last 30 days

Download month-wise statement of transaction for any of the previous 12 months bearing NSDL’s digital signature. This NSDL signature can be verified by using a Signature Verification Utility available on

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Important Information

Other Terms and Conditions

*Approvals required as per extant RBI guidelines.

For customers, new format of the Demat Delivery Instruction Slips (D.I.S.) have been sent to you recently and we urge you to use them going forward. Delivery instructions received in the old D.I.S. format would not be processed and is liable to be rejected if the same is received after 30 days of the receipt of the new D.I.S. booklet or after 6 January 2016, whichever is earlier. For any assistance, do approach the Demat service desk at your nearest HSBC India branch.

Know your Customer (KYC) is a one time exercise and is required while dealing in the securities markets.

Please note that you can update your KYC documents at any one of the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) registered intermediaries, i.e. a broker, or a Depository Participant (DP) or a Mutual Fund Asset Management Committee (AMC), etc.

If you have updated your KYC documents at any one registered intermediary, then you need not undergo the same process of KYC update, when you approach an alternate SEBI registered intermediary.

For investors, prevent Unauthorized Transactions on your demat account.Update your Mobile Number with us, your Depository Participant. Receive SMS alerts on your Registered Mobile number for all debit and other important transactions on your demat account, directly from NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) / CDSL (Central Depository Services (India) Limited) on the same day. Please provide your written instructions to update your number at the Demat Service Desk of your nearest HSBC India branch. This notice is issued in the interest of investors.

For customers, NSDL has developed a new facility on NSDL C.A.S. microsite ( whereby clients can submit their request to receive statements of accounts in electronic mode (i.e. eC.A.S.) and also update their email ID for the same. Further, these details recorded on the NSDL C.A.S. microsite will be updated directly in their demat account.

Client should ensure the following:

Step 1: Client must ensure the confidentiality of the password of Email account.

Step 2: Client must promptly inform the participant if the email address has changed.

Step 3: Client may opt to terminate this facility by giving 10 days prior notice. Similarly, participant may also terminate this facility by giving 10 days prior notice.