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Moving Abroad

If you're moving to start work in a new country/region, traveling internationally or living overseas and still need links to home, then HSBC can help.

Need to manage your finances back in India? Leave us your contact details so we can help with all of your NRI banking needs.

Wherever life takes you, we may be able to help

When moving abroad, you already have enough on your mind. If you are relocating to one of the many countries/regions where HSBC has a retail presence, we may be able to make the transition less stressful. You can use your HSBC relationship to access our International Banking Centre* and receive global support.

Moving to the UK

United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is one of the most welcoming, vibrant and cosmopolitan countries/regions in the world. UK is a perfect blend of pulsating cities and spectacular countryside, which embodies its shared culture from food to traditions and diverse communities.

With a view to making things easier for you as you prepare to settle down in the United Kingdom (UK), we bring to you some important information on the key elements that you may need to look out for.

Getting Ready for Departure for United Kingdom

While the weather is infamously temperamental, it should be quiet easy for you to adapt to UK’s lifestyle and culture. You will have to meet a few restrictions and requirements as per the country's/region's policies for taking medicines and pets to the UK.

  • Shipping- You should find it easy to ship your belongings to the UK but there are limits on how much you can send free of charge.
  • Medicine-The UK doesn’t have a particularly strict policy for taking medication into the country/region. If you need to take anything on the government’s list of controlled drugs, leave plenty of time to apply for a license before you travel.

Pets - You’ll have to meet some fairly strict requirements to take pets into the UK. If you’re from a non European Union (non-EU) country/region, your pet should have a blood test, three months before travelling.

How Can HSBC Premier Help?

As a leading international bank that is headquartered in the UK and with an extensive branch network, HSBC is here to assist you throughout your journey as you find your feet in the country/region. With a comprehensive solution for all your banking needs abroad, we endeavour to be a companion you can rely on.

At HSBC, we understand your international banking needs and offer a host of services aimed at making this transition easier for you.

Get On Board - Our dedicated team will assist you with opening a non-resident account in India as well as a local account in the UK. The local and overseas account opening journey will start while you are still in India. There are no service charges for international account opening through International Banking Centre (IBC) for HSBC Premier customers.

Overseas Appointment Booking - If you wish to open an account locally after arrival in UK, you can set up an appointment with ease while you are still in India. Our team will facilitate a free appointment booking service.

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* IBC is HSBC Group Office, however distinct from HSBC India

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