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FX-Retail is an electronic trading platform for buying or selling foreign exchange introduced by the Reserve Bank of India.

Easy Forex trading of the USD/INR currency pair

Buy and sell foreign currency using current market rates via the FX-Retail platform. HSBC India acts as the processing/settlement bank and will help process USD/INR transactions between third parties. 

Key benefits

Get anonymously matched with buyers or sellers

FX-Retail allows anonymous and order-driven dealing in USD/INR using current market rates. Buyers and sellers are matched on the price they quote, providing a fair and transparent platform.

Trade on the Forex market in real time

Access the FX market in real time, make third party transactions and deal directly on the electronic platform with current FX rates. With FX-Retail, you can also view the FX-CLEAR Inter-Bank Spot rates.

About the service

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    FX-Retail is a third-party platform.

    HSBC India will be the processing/settlement bank

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