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No more bill queues, no more missed due dates; you can now use HSBC's convenient and flexible Bill Payment service to pay your bills online. You can pay your mobile, telephone, gas, electricity bills and insurance premiums.

Auto Bill Payment

Sign up for this service and enjoy the freedom from tracking bill payment due dates. No more missing due dates, no more standing in queues to pay your bills. Enjoy the convenience of the Auto Bill Payment service by paying the bills from the comfort of your home.

  • Ease of Registration
    Fill up a form at your nearest branch or just call the contact centre and register.
  • Auto Debit
    Bills are paid automatically on due date without you having to issue payment instructions.
  • Dual Payment Options
    You can either use your HSBC Credit Card or HSBC Bank account to make bill payments.
  • Free Service
    This service is free of cost for HSBC customers.

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New customer can contact us to register.

Existing customers can download the application form:

Auto Bill Payment Registration Form (PDF, 90 KB)


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Charities you can donate to

You can now donate to any of the organisations below using HSBC's Internet banking.


In 1979, seven friends made a simple decision to change the lives of India's underprivileged children. Led by a 25 year airline purser, Rippan Kapur, ₹50 and a dining table as their resources and a belief that each one can make a difference in a child's life, they aimed to enable all children to realize their full potential. This was how CRY began.

CRY - Child Rights and You exists today - to amplify the voice of children. They believe that children are citizens in their own right, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights.

CRY's role is that of an enabler, a catalyst between two groups of people

  • Development organisations and individuals working at grassroots-level with marginalised children, their families and communities, and
  • People like you, coming together from all walks of life who believe in the rights of children.

As such, CRY is an 'enabling' organisation, as opposed to an 'implementing' one. By mobilising various communities, CRY along with its NGO partners (more than 500) have ensured over 1,500,000 children across India with opportunities they could not dream of.

Indicator's of CRY's impact in 2005-06:

  • 225,513 children's lives were permanently transformed
  • 694 communities experienced 100% school enrolment
  • 175 defunct government primary schools were revived
  • 363 schools maintained 100% retention of students, with no child dropping out of school
  • 187,902 children and 133,035 women were reached out to through health initiatives

The registration procedure for making donations to CRY is the same as making Bill Payments via HSBC's Internet Banking.  

Tax exemption status:

Donations to CRY are exempt from tax - 100% under section 35AC & 80GGA and 50% under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Minimum Tax Exemption on any donation made to CRY is 50%. Please indicate your preference - select between 50% or 100% as tax exemption towards your contribution.
Kindly note that Tax Exemption is not useful for foreign nationals as it may not be valid in their country.

Concern India Foundation

Started in 1991, Concern India (Concern India Foundation) is a non-profit, public charitable trust that supports development-oriented organisations working for the disadvantaged. Concern India believes the disadvantaged need opportunities not charity and provides financial and non-financial support to development-oriented organizations working at the grassroots level to bring about positive change.

Their aim is to make every disadvantaged individual self-reliant, creating a society of independent people living with dignity.

Concern India has a presence in various Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune (Resource Centre).

Activities carried out by the organisation:

Concern India supports various initiatives for providing opportunities to the underprivileged to better their lives. They conduct various programs for:

  • Destitute and/or Orphaned children
  • Deserted and/or Abused women
  • Tribals
  • The Disabled
  • The Aged
  • Issues regarding the Environment

Other support activities include an all India Child Art Exhibition; the Concern's NGO Mela which exhibits various crafts brought to you by over 100 NGOs from all over the country and the all India Sports Day for Project Children designed to provide the children from various NGOs an opportunity to compete, in a positive and healthy environment of sporting fun.

The registration procedure for making donations to the Concern India Foundation is the same as making Bill Payments via HSBC'S Internet Banking.

Tax exemption status:

Donations made to Concern India foundation are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.