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Online tax payment

Enjoy the convenience of paying your taxes online

Pay your taxes on time and securely online.

Payments you can make online

Take a look at the types of tax payments you can make online through HSBC.

Challan number / ITNS (Income Tax New Series) 280 (0021) Non-company deductees

  • (100) Advance tax

  • (300) Self-assessment tax

  • (400) Tax on regular assessment

Challan number / ITNS 281 (0021) Non-company deductees

  • (200) TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) / TCS (Tax Collected at Source) payable by tax payer

  • (400) TDS / TCS regular assessment (raised by your company's I.T. department)

Nature of payments for Challan number 281

  • (193) Interest on Securities

  • (194) Dividend

  • (195) Other sums payable to a non-resident

  • (4BB) Winning from Horse race

  • (4EE) Payments in respect of Deposits under National Saving Schemes

  • (4LA) Payment of Compensation on Acquisition of Certain Immovable property

  • (4LB) Income by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund payable to a non-resident

  • (4LC) Income by way of interest from specified company payable to a non-resident

  • (6CA) Alcoholic liquor for human consumption

  • (6CB) Timber obtained under forest lease

  • (6CC) Timber obtained other than forest lease

  • (6CD) Any other forest produce not being timber or tendu leaves

  • (6CE) Scrap

  • (6CF) Parking Lot

  • (6CG) Toll Plaza

  • (6CH) Mining and Quarrying

  • (6CI) Tendu Leaves

  • (92A) Payment to Govt. Employees other than Union Govt. employees

  • (92B) Payment of Employees other than Govt. Employees

  • (94A) Interest other than Interest on Securities

  • (94B) Winning from lotteries and crossword puzzles

  • (94C) Payment of contractors and sub-contractors

  • (94D) Insurence commission

  • (94E) Payments to non-resident Sportsmen/Sport Associations

  • (94F) Payments on account of Re-purchase of Units by Mutual Funds of UTI

  • (94G) Commission,prize etc. on sale of Lottery tickets

  • (94H) Commission or Brokerage

  • (94I) Rent

  • (94J) Fees for Professional or Technical Services

  • (94K) Income Payable to a resident assesse in respect of units of a specified Mutual Fund or of the Units of the UTI

  • (94L) Payment of Compensation on Acquisition of Certain Immovable property

  • (96A) Income in respect of Units of non-residents

  • (96B) Payments in respect of Units to an Offshore Fund

  • (96C) Income from foreign currency Bonds or Shares of Indian company payable to a non-resident

  • (96D) Income of Foreign Institutional investors from securities

Steps to Pay Tax Online

Step 1

Select 'Make a payment' below to make an online request.

Step 2

Complete the form on the 'Bill Desk' page.

Step 3

Review the details you've provided to make sure they're correct. Then, select 'Confirm' to start the transaction.

Step 4

Log on to online banking using your Internet Banking user ID and password. If you're using the HSBC India mobile banking app, you can use your Digital Secure Key to generate a security code to log on.

Step 5

Select the account you want to make the payment from and authenticate the transaction.

Please note:

For transactions below INR10,000, we'll send you a One Time Password via SMS that you'll need to confirm the transaction.

For transactions between INR10,000 and INR1,000,000, you'll need to authenticate the transaction with a security code generated using the Digital Secure Key on your app.

Step 6

Confirm the payment. You'll then be redirected to the 'Confirmation' page. Once we validate the payment, we'll send you the challan / tax payment receipt via email within 2-3 working days.

Things You Should Know While Making Online Tax Payments

You can make online tax payments if you:

  • have an HSBC India savings or current account
  • are registered for online banking
  • have a valid PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • have a valid mobile number registered with us, so you can receive a One Time Password

Frequently Asked Questions - Online Tax Payment

Important information

We can't accept payments with incorrect PAN (Permanent Account Number) / TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) details. 

The PAN card will be validated through NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited). Please make sure you have an active PAN card.

For all tax types with a payment due date, please submit your request at least 2-3 days before the due date to avoid a late payment charge, or interest applied by the Government of India.

Please check the details before submitting your form. The challan will show the details you included on your tax form.

Please make sure you give us the correct email address when you make the tax payment - we'll use this to send you the challan receipt.

Please check the PAN / TAN and holder name before making a payment. The challan receipt will show the same PAN / TAN and name you give us.


HSBC facilitates your direct tax payment through tie-ups with banks authorised by the Government of India to collect tax on behalf of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (the authorised bank).


Tax payments made before 12 noon (12pm IST) will be transferred to the authorised bank on the same working day (day 0). You won't be able to use the online tax payment service after the cut-off time on the same day. This means that payments made after the cut-off time or on a non-working day will be debited from your account immediately, but the challan receipt will be generated by the authorised bank on the next working day (day 1).

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