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Personal banking Account

Providing customized solutions for all your banking needs

HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier provides personal support to help you manage your personal economy
  • Your personal economy represents the health of your whole financial life. It is unique to you, and incorporates all the things you value most – your family, your home, your passions, your work, your legacy.
  • Your personal economy is completely interconnected and constantly changing.
  • It requires care and attention to keep it in balance.
  • HSBC Premier provides personal support for your personal economy in four ways.

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

HSBC Savings Account

We keep your savings secure and help them grow.
  • You can automatically transfer extra savings from your savings account to a fixed deposit
  • Transfer funds in an easy, fast and convenient manner with the Card-to-Card Transfer facility using the Visa Money Transfer Service.
  • Keep a track of your account with Free Monthly E-statements.
  • You can also collect your monthly paper statements from your branch
  • Monthly statements will only be available for collection in the branch for the preceding month
  • Personalized payable-at-par chequebook
  • Manage and transact on your savings account, pay your bills and much more by taking advantage of HSBC's Personal Internet Banking

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

HSBC Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits are one of the most popular banking instruments for financial savings.


When it comes to assured returns, choosing the right type of savings scheme makes all the difference.

  • You can now open a Fixed Deposit online in a few steps with ₹10,000 only
  • Enjoy high interest rate on your HSBC Fixed Deposits and avail of our special interest rates for select tenures (consult your Customer Service Officer on available options)
  • Choose the best tenure from a wide range as per your convenience

Ways to open:

Online, Branch, Phone

Smart Money

HSBC enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a savings account coupled with the high returns of a fixed deposit.

The intelligent way to grow your money

  • Higher interest rates
  • Up to 90% overdraft
  • Anytime access
  • Free HSBC Credit Card
  • Free HSBC International Debit Card
  • Free online bill payment services

Ways to open:


Basic Savings

HSBC Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) makes it convenient for you to avail of basic banking services without any fees or charges, and without maintaining any minimum balance in the account

Services offered under this account include: 

  • Debit cards with no annual charges, having a daily cash withdrawal limit of ₹25,000 and a daily purchase limit of ₹10,000
  • Simple and convenient banking from the comfort of your home through free access to Internet Banking and PhoneBanking
  • Cheque books on the account
  • Unlimited free deposits in the account
  • Upto 4 free withdrawals per month across demand drafts, pay orders, cheque issuances, electronic transfers (including RTGS and NEFT), ATM withdrawals and cash withdrawal requests placed through any of our branches.
  • Monthly bank statements

Ways to open:


HSBC Demat Account

Manage your securities portfolio at your own convenience by opening a new HSBC Demat account.

Features & Benefits

  • You can purchase, hold and sell shares in electronic form
  • Get transaction statements as and when you transact on Monthly basis & your Holding statement on a yearly basis, showing current portfolio of shares
  • As an NRI, you can easily dematerialise your portfolio of shares in India with us*
  • You can save time with quick transfers
  • Say goodbye to risk of loss, theft or mutilation of shares
  • Now, stop worrying about bad deliveries, forgeries and duplicate share certificates
  • You can now avail the Basic Services Demat Account offerings of the bank

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

HSBC Corporate Employee Programme

HSBC’s Corporate Employee Programme* gives you more than just a salary account.
  • The Corporate Employee Programme (CEP) from HSBC is designed to empower and assist corporate employees in meeting their banking needs
  • It offers banking products and services to address the customer's varying needs effectively, efficiently and conveniently
  • This enables employees of an organisation to collectively leverage on the benefits offered through the Corporate Employee Programme
  • Our propositions - HSBC Advance, HSBC Savings account and HSBC Premier - are comprehensive and will help your employees to fulfil their financial needs

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

HSBC Debit Card

We are sure you will enjoy shopping on your HSBC Debit Card with this added benefit

Debit Card Features & Benefits

  • Banking cum shopping Card
  • More safety, more convenience
  • Internationally valid
  • Widely accepted
  • Itemized billing
  • Lost Card Liability Protection
  • Insurance cover HSBC Debit Cards through insurance service provider The New India Assurance Company Ltd.

Ways to open:

Branch, Phone

Important Information

Terms & Conditions

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) vide its Press Release dated December 5, 2017 has reiterated cautions regarding risk of virtual currencies including Bitcoins.

RBI has cautioned users, holders and traders of Virtual Currencies (VCs) including Bitcoins regarding the potential economic, financial, operational, legal, customer protection and security related risks associated in dealing with such VCs.

RBI has also clarified that it has not given any licence/authorization to any entity/company to operate such schemes or deal with Bitcoin or any VCs.

We reiterate the concern as per the RBI press release.

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