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HSBC offers a range of mobile banking solutions, so that you can access your account information, make transactions and receive alerts on the go.

HSBC SimplyPay App (UPI app) allows you to link your accounts across Banks using a single Mobile App.

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HSBC Mobile Banking App

We know that life can be quite demanding. That is why HSBC has developed yet another convenient and efficient way to help you to take care of your banking needs on the move. We are pleased to introduce HSBC Mobile Banking for Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets. So now, whether you are shopping, dining or travelling, you can bank with us from wherever you are.

HSBC Mobile Banking comes with a unique Transaction Data Signing [TDS] facility, which is provided only by HSBC to its customers. Its enhanced security code and additional security measures protect your everyday banking transactions.

Key Features

Information Transactions

  • Information Transactions
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Transaction History
  • Global View1
  • Exchange and Deposit Rates
  • Home & Away Privilege Programme Offers
  • Secure Message box to send and receive messages from the bank
  • Product and Services


  • Fund Transfer with in HSBC accounts
  • Interbank Transfers(NEFT / RTGS)
  • Fixed Deposits

Payment Transactions

  • Bill Payment

How to download the app

HSBC customers can download the app via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, iOS users can SMS "IMB to 575750 " to download HSBC Mobile Banking. Android users can SMS "AMB to 575750" to download HSBC Mobile Banking

How to setup and login

  1. To start using the Application click on the HSBC Mobile Banking icon created on your mobile/tablet
  2. Accept the End User License agreement and Mobile Banking Terms and conditions
  3. Select Country as 'India (English)'
  4. You will be taken to the Home page of the Mobile Banking Application
  5. You should use your current Personal Internet Banking details [username, dual password or security code generated by the security device] to login to Mobile Banking.

If you are not yet registered for HSBC Personal Internet Banking, get yourself registered to avail the benefits of HSBC Mobile Banking.

Register for Internet Banking

Fees & Charges

There are no additional service charges for using HSBC Mobile Banking facility. Standard banking fees and charges will apply for certain transactions and services through the Mobile Banking. Please review the Online Banking fees and charges.

Internet data charges3 may apply based on your current data plan with your mobile service provider. If you use this service abroad, standard roaming data charges will apply depending on your network. For more details, please contact your mobile service provider.


HSBC Mobile Banking implements the same security measures of Personal Internet Banking. Customer data (including login details) will not get stored in the application or SIM card. Authentication will be carried out at the server to ensure security.

Some of the security measures are:

  • Security Device (issued on HSBC Internet Banking)
    A security code generated by the Security Device is required to perform select banking transactions.
  • Encryption
    An industry approved technology; Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption encrypts your personal information so that your HSBC Mobile Banking sessions are secure and protected.
  • Session Time-out
    The session logs off automatically if HSBC Mobile Banking remains inactive for 10 minutes or if you forget to log out.

Keeping Your Device Secure:

HSBC recommends that you only install applications from official app stores. If you see pop ups, message or emails containing links asking you to download an application, you should decline. It may be an attempt to install harmful software on your device.

Security Tips

  1. Do not store your Internet/Mobile Banking username and password on your mobile handsets and tablets.
  2. Install and update the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software regularly on your mobile handsets and tablets, whenever they are available.
  3. Avoid sharing your mobile handsets and tablets with others and use your own handset or tablet to log on.
  4. Do not leave your handset or tablet unattended after logon to Internet/Mobile Banking. Always log off properly when you are finished with it.
  5. Wipe data on your old phone or tablet before donation, reselling or recycling.
  6. If you lose your mobile phone or tablet, you should review your account transaction history through Personal Internet Banking (PIB). If there are any suspicious transactions, please contact Customer Service Hotline and report to us immediately. You should also enable remote wiping and report stolen timely.
  7. Better set up auto-lock and enable passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access of your handsets.
  8. When using Wi-Fi connection, use trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers and enable security protection such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible.
  9. Disable Bluetooth if you are not using or set the smartphone or tablet to non-discovery mode.
  10. Use default browsers originally provided by mobile handsets and tablets rather than newly installed browsers downloaded from other sources.
  11. Don't use any jailbroken handset or tablet which may have security loopholes to log on to Internet Banking (Jail broken devices are those whose operating system has been broken to install unauthorised applications).
  12. Don't install applications on your mobile handsets or tablets from mistrusted sources. Understand the permissions of mobile application before installation. Don't use untrusted custom virtual keyboards.
  13. Install updates and patches to your smartphone and tablet timely, covering upgrade/update of OS and other mobile applications. Enable data encryption in handset or tablet if feasible.
  14. Always type in address directly into the browser or download our native application from official application store only to avoid going to fraudulent websites.
  15. HSBC Internet Banking website has adopted EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate). For Safari browser, a padlock and the bank name will be shown in green at the top of the browser. (Note: the padlock and the bank name may be hidden at some screens and they will be shown up by scrolling down the screen manually.

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Important Information

Terms & Conditions

1Global View and Global Transfer service is available in select countries and is subject to local regulations. In India, these services are subject to applicable restrictions under the Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999. Outward transfers from India using HSBC Personal Internet Banking services are only permissible through NRE accounts.

Depending on the service plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the internet. Please verify the charges with your service provider before accessing any internet websites. For more details, please contact your service provider If you use this service abroad, standard roaming data charges will apply depending on your network your service plan with the service provider.