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HSBC Wealth Dashboard

One convenient online location to keep track of your wealth portfolio including investments and insurance

Join HSBC Premier and explore a world of new possibilities with personalised banking and access to a global network.

As you diversify and build your wealth, it can get confusing to stay on top of all your investments. Now view your consolidate HSBC holdings with us on the Wealth Dashboard, a platform to manage your wealth portfolio including investment and insurance.

Features & benefits

  • A holistic approach to wealth management
    Your one-stop online wealth management solution to access and monitor your wealth portfolio conveniently including investment and insurance, in a simple-to-use interface.
  • News and insights
    Stay up to date with the latest financial news and insights, conveniently sorted to be relevant to your current portfolio holdings.
  • Make well-informed decisions
    With up-to-date information and a holistic overview of your holdings with HSBC, our Wealth Dashboard gives you the relevant reference and context to make decisions to enhance your wealth.

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