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International Money Transfer

Link and manage all your HSBC accounts overseas with the Global View and Global Transfer service.

A smarter, faster way to move money around the world

View all your global accounts in one place online and instantly move money between them, fee-free[@global-view-and-global-transfers-terms-and-conditions]. 

Key benefits

Bank with no borders

Stay connected and manage your worldwide accounts 24/7 wherever you are with Global View. 

  • You can link your HSBC accounts 2 days after opening your account outside India
  • Log on once to view and manage your accounts all on one screen
  • Set up and track recurring payments

Make fee-free transfers

Manage worldwide accounts and make fee-free real time transfers in one place.

  • Fast and convenient payments to your friends, family, or your own accounts across the world
  • We're present in over 20 international markets
  • We only use up-to-date exchange rates during market hours

Know how much you're sending

Send money confidently online around the world, whenever you're sending it, with our live exchange rates.

  • Send money to over 150 destinations
  • Make payments in local currency with competitive real-time rates

How it works

Things to know

You can use Global Transfer if you:

  • are existing HSBC Premier customer
  • have an HSBC account in at least one other country or region
  • are registered for online banking in all countries or regions you have an account in

Use the service

Get started

If you already have HSBC accounts in multiple countries or regions, log on to online banking to get started.

Need an account outside of India?

We can help you open an account in another country or region, so you can start using Global View and Global Transfers. 

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