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Travel and Worldwide assistance

Expect ample support at home and abroad through our worldwide assistance

Don't let the thought of having to transfer your finances abroad take the shine off your aspirations to work, buy a second home or move overseas. HSBC Premier can make moving and living abroad as easy as it is at home.

To ensure your move is as smooth as possible, we can facilitate transfer of your credit history from India to help you access similar levels of credit in the overseas country. Credit history will be transferred upon request from the overseas HSBC Group and will be subject to local regulations. Premier credit card and other credit facilities shall be granted subject to overall satisfactory account performance, availability of products overseas and local regulations and discretion of the Bank in overseas country.

Other Advantages

  • In case you are moving overseas, HSBC International Business Centre (IBC) can provide assistance towards opening of an overseas HSBC account in countries where HSBC Premier is offered, subject to you fulfilling local regulations and Terms and Conditions of the country where the account will be opened. In an event opening of account leads to any foreign currency transaction, please note that all foreign currency transactions through HSBC India are subject to  Goods and Service Tax.
  • Local country guides to help you prepare by finding out more about the country you are travelling/moving to
  • Guidance from accredited and experienced staff.

Leaving India

Moving to a new home abroad? Or going to study overseas? Rely on us to make your experience a whole lot simpler.

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Moving to India

Get a warm welcome from HSBC Premier when you move to, return to or visit India from a foreign country.

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Emergency services and international travel insurance

Designed to delight, it suits your needs and ensures a privileged lifestyle.

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You are able to access the HSBC Premier benefits if you have:

  • Maintain a quarterly Total Relationship Balance (TRB) of ₹4,000,000 (Rupees Forty Lakh only); OR
  • Have a mortgage relationship with disbursal of ₹11,500,000 (Rupees One Crore Fifteen lakh only) or more, with HSBC India; OR
  • Hold a corporate salary account under the HSBC Corporate Employee Programme (CEP) in India with a net monthly salary credit of ₹300,000 (Rupees Three Lakh only) or more into the account

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