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Non-Resident Indian Services

Products and services for customers moving overseas or returning to India

A solution for every need

A man holding document and talking over the phone happily; image used for HSBC NRE rupee account page

Deposit your foreign currency earnings from your country of residence in the NRE account, tax-free.

A couple is using tablet together happily at home; image used for HSBC NRO rupee account page

Use the NRO account to manage your savings in India from anywhere in the world.

A little girl playing a boat near a river; image used for HSBC open Mariner’s account page

Working on the seas? We have solutions to help you and your family manage your finances.

Resources and services for NRI

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Send money with ease.

A girl sitting in the plane looking outside; Image used for HSBC International Services Page.

International services to make any move overseas easier.

A man using laptop in an office; image used for HSBC investing in India

Make your money work harder for you with our wide range of investment opportunities.

Mother holding her daughter playing; image used for HSBC India Insurance page

Coverage for yourself and your loved ones no matter where you are.

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An international education can help broaden horizons. Make the most of studying abroad with HSBC.

India is the land of opportunity, but it makes sense to do your homework before you make the move over.  

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