Why choose FX-Retail platform?

  • It provides for an anonymous and order driven dealing in the USD/INR currency pair
  • Here, buyers and sellers are matched based on the price they quote thereby facilitating fair and transparent pricing
  • You can directly deal on the platform and have access to current rates, thus moving from phone based to electronic booking of FX rates
  • HSBC India will be the processing/settlement bank, wherein even if you are buying or selling currency to a third party, we will help in processing the transaction
  • The FX-CLEAR Inter-Bank Spot rates would also be available to you for viewing purpose

How to register for FX Retail?

  • Visit https://www.fxretail.co.in/#/login
  • Complete the registration form
  • Provide the name of your Relationship Bank at the time of registration
  • Once registered, your details would be forwarded to the Relationship Bank that you provide at the time of registration, for verification and approval
  • Once approved, you would receive your login credentials (ID and Password)

For more information, visit the Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIL) website, www.ccilindia.com

The FX-Retail Platform is owned and operated by Clearcorp Dealing Systems (India) Limited.