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Options for paying your bills through online banking, with your credit card or debit card

Online Banking Bill Payments

No more bill queues, no more missed due dates; you can now use HSBC's convenient and flexible Bill Payment service to pay your bills online. You can pay your mobile, telephone, gas, electricity bills and insurance premiums.

Pay your bills online now

Paying bills with your credit card

Paying bills with your debit card

Having trouble registering online?

Simply download the bill pay registration form and return it to your nearest branch

Conversion from Online bill payment to Auto bill payment - Terms of Reference:

  1. Any online bill payment which has been scheduled towards the biller and which is under migration will not be processed post successful migration to auto bill payment mode.
  2. If a particular bill has been uploaded and is pending for payment, you will need to make alternate arrangements towards payment of that bill. If there is any scheduled transfer for the biller when we receive your conversion request, the particular payment will be rejected.
  3. If a new bill is uploaded post successful migration from Online bill payment to Auto bill payment, it will be processed via auto bill payment platform only.
  4. Once the biller has been successfully converted from online biller to auto pay biller, all subsequent payments will be processed as auto debits to your credit card / bank account as designated in your request. Any payments scheduled through the online bill pay facility subsequently will be deleted / rejected.
  5. All Auto bill payment requests will be debited to your authorized account/ credit card at least 6 working days prior to the actual bill due date.

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