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HSBC Wealth Shopping Cart

Build the investment portfolio that suits your needs the best – anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Build your wealth, with a little help

You can use the Wealth Shopping Cart in the HSBC India Mobile Banking app to place investment orders. Speak to your Relationship Manager to set your goals and they will help you to complete your orders – all without visiting a branch. 

How to use Wealth Shopping Cart

Access the Wealth Shopping Cart via mobile banking and place your order in 6 simple steps.

1. Select 'Wealth Shopping Cart' in the HSBC India Mobile Banking app

Go to the 'Investment' tab and under 'Products and Services', you'll find 'Wealth Shopping Cart'.

2. Select the 'Investment Journey Note' or 'Goal Planner Report' you'd like to review

After reviewing the relevant documents, select 'Buy' to place your order

3. Choose your products

  • You can exclude products that you don't want by unchecking the boxes at the top.
  • Select 'Review'.

4. Complete the instruction details of your product

  • Select 'Complete the instruction details'.
  • Enter the investment account and amount for each product – the amount can be equal to, or lower, than the planned amount.
  • Select 'Save'.

5. Review declarations

  • Review the relevant documents (eg, Key Information Memorandum (KIM), Scheme Information Document (SID)), product features and risk disclosures, fees and charges, relevant terms and conditions, and disclaimer.
  • Select 'Confirm instruction'.

6. Order complete

  • Your order is complete.
  • You can now select 'Mutual Funds' on the 'Investment' tab to check your order.

Things you should know

Select products based on risk profile

Risk profile

You can select any product from the cart that suits your risk appetite.

Complete your purchase within 90 days

  • Your chosen products will stay in the cart for up to 90 calendar days from the date they were placed in the shopping cart, provided that your financial circumstances don't change
  • If your financial situation changes, you should complete a new Risk Profile Questionnaire (RPQ) or goal planning journey.

Change in risk profile

  • You might not be able to order certain products if there are any changes in your risk profile, product risk ratings, or to the the goal planner journey or investment journey before the 90 day period.
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Get the app

Scan the QR to the left or click to download the HSBC India mobile app and start investing with Wealth Shopping Cart.

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