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Credit Card Features

View all the features and benefits of a HSBC credit card

Features and benefits

Buy a wide range of products and services from electronics to travel and more on your HSBC Credit Card, and repay in EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) at your convenience.
Need cash on your credit card? The Cash-on-EMI feature on your HSBC Credit Card gives you a convenient way to borrow cash and repay in instalments at a lower interest rate
Balance Transfer-on-EMI is a facility that allows you to transfer the outstanding balance from your other bank credit cards to your HSBC Credit Card and repay it in easy monthly instalments at a lower interest rate.
Take the holiday of your dreams, a new TV, or a computer. HSBC makes all this so easy through the exciting new 'Loan on Phone' feature on your HSBC credit card! Shop till you drop and make low interest repayments.
You have experienced the convenience and rewards of using an HSBC Credit Card. We are taking it a step further -by presenting the Balance Conversion facility on your credit card. Now you can splurge today, and pay tomorrow!
We understand that different people look at our credit card differently. For you, it could mean going on long drives thanks to fuel surcharge waiver at any pump, any place across India. Get ready to enjoy life.
Online purchases on your HSBC Credit Card are secured with an additional level of security
Manage your HSBC Credit Card through Online Banking

Don't have an HSBC Cashback credit card?

10% cashback on dining, food delivery and groceries. 1.5% unlimited cashback on other spends. T&Cs apply.

You can explore other credit card options and find the one that best suits your needs.

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