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Credit cards

Explore and compare credit cards to find the one that suits you best.

Discover our range of credit cards and compare their annual fees, offers and benefits and find out which card is best suited for you.
Indulge your inner foodie with dining discounts locally and across Asia, just by showing your HSBC Live+ Credit Card.
Each credit card gives you that little bit extra with an exclusive range of offers across electronics, travel, dining and more.

Our credit card range

From travel to gourmet dining, your HSBC Premier Credit Card offers a range of exclusive benefits.
Dine, shop and have fun with extra cashback.
The credit card that brings you the best of the best with exciting rewards and exclusive privileges.

Everything you need to know about our credit cards

Find out more about how our credit cards work. Please note that there may be additional joining fees that apply for your chosen card.
Our step-by-step guide on how credit cards work and how to make the most out of them.
Understand the differences between a credit card and debit card and you'll know when to use them both.
We compare the most common types of credit cards in India, and what they're used for.
We outline some of the ways in which you can boost your score for better borrowing.
At HSBC, we have a simple credit card eligibility criteria and requirement for all our credit cards. Read on to learn more about the documents required.

Benefits and features

Additional benefits and features to manage your existing credit card and balances.
Use your credit card and earn Reward points to redeem against products, flights and more.
Transfer your outstanding credit card balance to an HSBC credit card to enjoy easy repayments at a lower interest rate.
Enhance the joy of a new purchase
Convert the limit on your credit card into cash and repay in equated monthly instalments.
Repay your purchases with your HSBC credit card in equated monthly instalments so you can pay your bill at your convenience.
Convert your purchases into affordable monthly instalments via the HSBC India Mobile Banking app.
Make annual savings of up to INR3,000 on fuel surcharges with our credit card waiver.
If you've got an Android mobile device, then you can use Google Pay for a fast, secure, and simple way to use your HSBC credit cards to pay online or in stores.

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Learn how to send and receive money through a UPI ID without needing a bank account or IFSC code.
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