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Overseas education destinations

Use our local knowledge to find out more about the country you're moving to.

For any queries on banking assistance for overseas education please leave your contact details and we'll be in touch.

Popular destinations

Find out more about student life in the most popular destinations around the world. 


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Prepare for opening bank accounts abroad before your departure. Our dedicated team will help you gather the information you'll need to open a Premier account abroad.

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Make the most of exciting international offers across dining, shopping, travel and more on your HSBC credit card.


View and manage your HSBC accounts held in different countries/regions conveniently in one place with a single login1.


Embark on your overseas education journey with accounts and facilities from HSBC. Also, you can avail offers from education consultants2 and get expert help with shortlisting courses and universities, access sample essay writing and resume building templates. You can also participate in their webinars2 with experts on topics relevant to overseas education and much more. To fund your overseas education, you can avail education loans at competitive rates  from our education loan partners.

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1Premier eligibility applicable

2As an HSBC customer whilst there are certain discounts offered by HSBC for availing these services, the services are being offered by service provider and will be subject to their terms and conditions . Prior to availing these services, you should read, understand and accept the said terms and conditions and proceed only if you agree to abide by the same. HSBC India does not make any warranties or representation about the quality, merchantability or suitability of the services offered by the service provider. As part of or as prerequisite for availing these services, you may be required to share your personal details and other details with the service provider. Any disclosure of information made by you towards availing of these services is at your sole discretion and HSBC India shall not be responsible for the same. The service provider may use the personal information shared by you for any other purpose (including marketing) and HSBC India shall not be held liable for such usage. All disputes with regard to the availing of these services should be directed by you to the service provider.

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