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Send money abroad, make international payments and transfer money to your overseas accounts - free[@gmt-free-fees] using the HSBC India app.

View all your global accounts in one place online and instantly move money between them, fee-free[@global-view-and-global-transfers-terms-and-conditions].

FX-Retail is an electronic trading platform for buying or selling foreign exchange introduced by the Reserve Bank of India.

See our up to date FX rates for NRI services and remittances.

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Need to send a wire transfer overseas? Find out how to do it.

Need a foreign currency cheque? Find out how to get one.

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Explore our international banking and services for students looking to leave India for international study.

Make your money work harder for you with our wide range of wealth services and property investments.

Making the most of your international journey

Check out our guides on moving or travelling, and get tips on managing your money in India and overseas.

When moving overseas, opening a bank account and setting up your finances is key.

See what fees you may be charged when using your credit and debit cards overseas.

Residents of India can use the LRS to remit up to USD250,000 per financial year.

See what fees you may be charged when using your credit and debit cards overseas.

Use our comprehensive checklist when moving abroad from India so you don't forget anything important.

Five need-to-know tips on getting money abroad with the ideal exchange rate.