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Security Device

New Security Device for HSBC Personal Internet Banking

New Security Device

Enhanced security for worry-free online banking

We are delighted to introduce a new security device for HSBC Personal Internet Banking. The new security device, together with the enhanced new generation security code, brings to you a new level of convenient and efficient online banking services. Also, the lean design of the device makes it easy to carry wherever you are travelling

We really hope you enjoy banking online with HSBC Personal Internet Banking.

  • Fraud protection
    With the new security device you have an extra layer of protection. You need your PIN number and your personal security device to log on.
  • Simple to use
    Just switch it on, enter your security device PIN and it'll give you a unique, one-time 4-6 digit security code each time. It is as simple as that.
  • Peace of mind
    Secure device gives you greater peace of mind because you have this extra layer of security.
  • Slim and portable
    The lean design of the device makes it easy to carry wherever you are travelling. You can take it with you and log on to your HSBC Internet Banking where you are.

Order a Security Device

To enjoy the full range of HSBC Personal Internet Banking services, you will need your security device.

If you haven't received the security device as a part of your account opening welcome kit, you may order one by following the below steps.

  1. Log on to your Personal Internet Banking
  2. You will be prompted to "Order a Security Device"
  3. Click on "Order a Security Device"
  4. You will receive a confirmation upon successful placement of the order

Your security device will take 3 –7 working days in case of domestic delivery or 10 working days for overseas delivery.

In case you don't receive the security device beyond this time, call HSBC Phone Banking for further assistance.

You are required to activate the security device within 30 days of placing the request.  In case the device is not activated within this period, the system will allow access to your Personal Internet Banking account only after activation of the security device.

How to activate an existing Security Device

  1. Login to your HSBC Personal Internet Banking.
  2. Click on "Activate now"
  3. To activate the security device now, click "Activate now"

You will now be required to activate the device by following the below mentioned steps:


Step 1: Security Device Details

  1. Click on "Generate new code"
  2. You will receive a 10 digit one-time activation code on your registered mobile number
  3. Enter this 10 digit one-time activation code in "Activation code" field
  4. Enter 10 digit serial number of your security device found at bottom left of the back side of your security device


Step 2: Create PIN

  1. Press and hold the green button to turn-on your new security device
  2. Think of a 4 - 6 digit number and enter it into your security device, then press the yellow button. This is your security device PIN
  3. Confirm your security device PIN by entering it into your security device again


Step 3 - Generate security code

  1. Press and hold the green button to turn on your security device
  2. Enter your security device PIN. When "HSBC" is displayed, press the green button again
  3. A 6 digit security code will be shown on your security device.  Enter this in the security code field
  4. Click on "Activate now"
  5. You will receive confirmation on security device activation
  6. Click on "Go to my account" to access your HSBC Personal Internet Banking account

How to use your new device

Turning on the device

Press and hold the green button for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Then enter your 4-6 digits PIN on your device.

Generating a Security Code for logon

When you have entered the correct device PIN, press green button to generate security code.

6 digits security code will be displayed on your device screen.

Enter the 6 digits security code to your internet banking screen.

Generating a Transaction Signing Code for 3rd party transfers

  1. When you have entered the correct device PIN, press yellow button. 
  2. Enter the last 8 digits of your "Beneficiary account number" using the keypad. Use the green button to delete wrong input.
  3. Press yellow button and 6 digits transaction signing code will appear for input to your internet banking screen. 

Generating a Re-authentication Code

When you have entered the correct device PIN press the 3 button to generate re-authentication code.

6 digits re-authentication code will be displayed on your device screen.

Enter the 6 digits re-authentication code to your internet banking screen.

Activate your replacement Security Device

If you have ordered a replacement security device, you will need to de-activate the current security device and link the new replacement security device. This can be done by calling HSBC Phone Banking or by our staff at HSBC India branch near you.

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