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Digital Secure Key

Your key to keeping your Personal Internet Banking secure.

What is the Digital Secure Key?

If you use online or mobile banking, our security device gives you added protection against the threat of fraud. As well as your normal username and passwords, you’ll generate a code from your device, which only you have access to. 

The Digital Secure Key is a digital version of your physical Security Device and is a feature on the HSBC India Mobile Banking app. It works in a similar way to the physical Security Device to provide added protection to your accounts and transactions. You can use it to generate unique, one-time use security codes to log on to Personal Internet Banking, as well as to verify transactions requiring higher level of authentication.

The Digital Secure Key will work on supported operating systems and devices as a part of the HSBC India Mobile Banking app. It is a replacement for your physical Security Device, so you won't need to carry a physical Security Device with you anymore. It offers a more convenient way to access the full range of Personal Internet Banking services.

How do I activate my Digital Secure Key?

Activating your Digital Secure Key needs to be done before you can log into your online banking account. View the video below to learn how.

How do I use my Digital Secure Key?

You will use your secure key (digital or physical) to generate a temporary code to access online banking as well as approve specific transactions and account updates.

Generate a security code step 1 – Select ‘Generate security code’ in the HSBC India app

Step 1:

Open the HSBC India Mobile Banking app (but don't log on). Tap "Generate a security code" at the bottom of the screen.

Generate a security code step 2 – Choose one option to generate a code

Step 2:

Choose from the following options to generate the right security code:

  • Log on to Internet Banking
  • Transaction signing
  • Re-authentication
Generate a security code step 3 – Enter your 6-digit PIN to log on or get a re-authentication code

Step 3:

Enter your 6-digit PIN for the HSBC India Mobile Banking app or use biometric authentication (if you've enabled it for the app) to generate a security code.

Generate a security code step 4 – Your security code will be generated. Code presented with expiry timer

Step 4:

Your security code will be displayed. Enter it where requested.

Frequently asked questions

Get my Digital Secure Key

The Digital Secure Key is available now via the HSBC India Mobile Banking app. Get the app now to enable enhanced security feature.

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