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Premier FAQs

Common questions for HSBC Premier


What is a debit card?

A debit card makes shopping for goods and services a whole lot easier by providing an on-line electronic payment facility from your HSBC Savings / Current Accounts, for purchases of goods and services at merchant establishments in India and overseas. It provides access to ATMs for cash withdrawals and enquiries.

How do I activate my HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

For safety reasons, your debit card is sent to you inactive for use at merchant locations. Please ensure that you receive your PIN before trying to activate your card. To activate your card, you would need to do either of the following:

  • Use the card at any VISA ATM, by entering the ATM PIN
  • Make a TelePhone Banking PIN verified call to the HSBC Phone Banking / Customer Service representatives in your city to confirm the receipt of the debit card, and they will activate the card

Once your card is activated you can use it at merchant establishments for purchases.

What are the advantages of HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

  1. Access to HSBC Group ATMs and ATMs affiliated to the Visa network and access to Visa merchant outlets worldwide
  2. Higher cash withdrawal of Rs. 250,000 per day (Cash withdrawal limits are currently subject to local demonetization related regulations)
  3. Higher purchase transaction limit of Rs. 250,000 per day (Cash withdrawal limits are currently subject to local demonetization related regulations)
  4. 24 X 7 International Concierge Services 
  5. Zero Lost Card Liability Protection against fraudulent purchase transactions pre-reporting

How can the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card be used at an ATM and Merchant Establishments?

Your HSBC Premier Platinum debit card functions like a regular ATM card at ATMs, whilst at merchant establishments it works in the same way as a credit card, except that the transacted amount is directly debited from your savings/current deposit account.

At merchant establishments you must:

  1. LOOK: for a VISA logo at the merchant establishment. The merchant must have an electronic POS (Point-of-Sale) swipe terminal.
  2. SHOP: Select the goods you wish to purchase.
  3. SWIPE: Present the debit card to the merchant at the time of making payment. The merchant will swipe the card on the electronic POS terminal. After successful authorisation, a hold is placed on your account for the transaction amount.
  4. SIGN: A sales slip is generated from the electronic swipe terminal. Check the amount on the sales slip and sign it. Your signature must match that on the Debit Card. The merchant verifies the signature and returns the card.

In case of purchase transactions, the debit card can only be used at merchant outlets with electronic terminals. Please do not try and use your card at Merchants with "paper imprinters".

Also, since signature verification is essential for debit card transactions, you need to be physically present along with your card at the time of purchase i.e. the debit card cannot be used for Mail order, Telephone order or Internet transactions.

Are there any transaction limits for the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

For your safety, we have a daily limit of ₹250,000 at the ATMs and ₹250,000 at the merchant locations. This is subject to the balance available in your account.

What are the annual fees for the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

There is no annual fee on the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card.

Can I have an additional Card?

Yes, additional debit cards may be issued to joint account holders of the account provided that the operating instructions for the account are 'any one or survivor'.

Am I eligible to apply for a HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

This product is offered exclusively only to Resident Individuals holding Premier with HSBC India, either held singly or jointly on a 'either or survivor' basis, may apply for a HSBC Premier Platinum debit card. Debit Card will be issued to minors above 16 years only, with the parent / guardian's consent and request.

What is the validity period of the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

The Debit Card will be valid for a period of three years from the date of issue.

What if I lose my HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

The loss or theft of the Debit Card should be reported to HSBC immediately. Although loss or theft may be reported by any means, the Cardholder must confirm the same in writing to HSBC as soon as possible.

In case the Cardholder subsequently recovers the Debit Card, it must not be used. The Debit Card should be destroyed by cutting it into several pieces through the magnetic strip.

What is the unique Lost Card Liability Protection feature offered for the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card?

  1. The loss or theft of the Debit Card should be reported to HSBC PhoneBanking immediately. Although loss or theft may be reported by any means, the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Cardholder (hereinafter referred to as "Cardholder") must confirm the same in writing to HSBC as soon as possible.
  2. Lost Card Liability Protection is applicable only on fraudulent Point of Sale Transactions and not ATM transactions. This feature is not applicable to frauds related to delivery of cards.
  3. The Lost Card Liability Protection offering is valid for all Point of Sale transactions carried out on HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Cards and reported after 15th June 2009
  4. In case of unsigned card (signature not present on reverse of card), Lost Card Liability Protection will not be applicable, and the cardholder will be liable for the transaction.
  5. The liability per card is restricted to a maximum of Rs.100,000 and for losses up to a maximum of 30 days prior to reporting the loss of Debit Card to the Bank
  6. Cardholder will receive the credit, within 25 working days of receipt of required documents by the bank
  7. Documents required to be submitted; Claim Form; Dispute Letter with list of disputed transactions (Date, Name of Merchant, Amount); FIR/Police Complaint; Passport copy (in case of international transaction dispute)
  8. Cardholder must submit the required documents to nearest HSBC branch within 15 days of reporting the loss to HSBC.
  9. The number of claims is restricted to a maximum of one claim per account in the calendar year.
  10. Bank reserves the right to reject the claim if similar claim has already been made on the card earlier during the same calendar year.
  11. Claims under Lost Card Liability Protection to be accepted & processed, the cardholder should have carried out at least 1 purchase transaction using the Debit Card, within 3 months prior to the date of the disputed purchase transaction.
  12. On receipt of communication regarding your lost or stolen debit card along with the requisite documents, HSBC is authorized to conduct its own investigation in respect of such lost or stolen card. If such investigation reveals any direct or indirect involvement of the cardholder or cardholder's relatives or employees or colluding with third parties, HSBC is authorized to take appropriate action against the cardholder in addition to refusing to extend the benefit of Zero Lost Card liability to the cardholder.
  13. The findings and the decision of the Bank in case of any dispute shall be final and binding on the cardholder.
  14. HSBC reserves its absolute right to withdraw or alter any of the terms and conditions of this feature at any point in time without prior notice to the Cardholder(s).
  15. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this feature shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute a claim against HSBC.

I am a premier customer. How can I get easy access to my Relationship Manager(RM) contact details?

A: Premier customers will get the privilege to view their Relationship Managers contact details (Name, Mobile number and Email ID) in the ‘Support’ tab at the bottom right hand corner of the app.

Click on ‘Your HSBC Premier Team’ option  for details.

I am not a premier customer, can I still view my Relationship Manager details?

A: In case you are not identified as a premier customer, you can see the ‘contact us’ link in the ‘Support’ tab at the bottom right hand corner of the app to view the Phone Banking numbers.

I am a premier customer and do not have a RM mapped? Where can I get my RM details?

A: In case you not have a RM assigned, kindly check with the Premier Phone Banking or the nearest branch for the reason of not having an RM mapped.

I am not able to view my RM details, whom should I raise the concern with?

A: You should reach out to Premier Phone Banking in prescribed working hours to get their RM details.

The RM details shown under my profile are invalid, where should I be able to get the right details?

A: Customer can reach out to the Premier Phone Banking to verify the RM details.

I am a premier customer, but there is no RM assigned to me. What are the steps to get an RM assigned?

A: RM is assigned to only Qualified Premier customers. In case there is no RM assigned to you, you may contact HSBC Premier Phone banking or the nearest branch to check.

How to identify if I am premier or non-premier customer?

A: Post login on the Internet banking or mobile App, customer can see his name along with account summary. Customer can see their account proposition on the same. Also debit cards issued to the customer are distinct basis the proposition.

I am a non-premier customer but want an RM assigned for resolving my queries. What are the steps to get this done?

A: Non –premier customers can reach out to HSBC Phone banking or visit the nearest branch for query resolution. RMs are assigned to Qualified Premier customers only.

There is a mismatch in the name of the RM displayed in the app and the name that I have received in the SMS delivered from HSBC bank?

A: Kindly refer to the RM name and mobile number available in the app.

How do I contact HSBC for any queries or service requests?

All account holders

The email address '' is no longer in use. If you are looking for information about our products or services or have other queries, please refer to our comprehensive FAQs. In case you’re still unable to find the answer to your question, you can talk to a representative by selecting the Live Chat tab on this page. Live Chat can provide general information on the products and services, but for information related to your accounts, please call HSBC Phone Banking.

There are three easy ways to raise a service request with us:

  1. Log on to Personal Internet Banking and send us a secured email. Click here if you have already registered for internet Banking. If you wish to register, please click here
  2. Call HSBC Phone Banking : Our Phone Banking executives can process the following requests only when you verify your Phone Banking Pin (subject to certain conditions). 
    1. Change in select demographic details such as mobile number, e-mail, mailing address.
    2. Request for select deliverables such as debit card, debit card Pin, credit card & credit card Pin.
    3. Maintenance requests such as placement of fixed deposit, change of maturity instructions, premature withdrawal of singly held deposits.
  3. Visit your nearest HSBC India branch.

If you wish to register a complaint, please complete an online form

If your card has been lost or stolen or you suspect any fraudulent account activity or for any urgent matter, please contact HSBC Phone Banking.

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