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Better health, better wealth: findings from HSBC Life +Factor Study

A happy life needs more than just money. COVID-19 has shown us that true prosperity also requires a healthy body and mind.

Our recent HSBC Life +Factor Study ("Survey"), which surveyed over 10,000 people ("Respondents"), shows that physical health, mental wellness and financial fitness are deeply connected. And to reach your wealth ambitions, it's probably wise to take a holistic approach.

Here are some of the things we learned from the inputs shared by Respondents of the Survey:

Physical, mental and financial wellbeing are interconnected

There is a strong correlation between physical fitness, mental health and financial wellness. Boosting one factor may lead to far-reaching improvements across the others. Similarly, ignoring one factor can have negative effects on the others.

Physical fitness

People who are physically fit are more likely to have above-average mental health and better financial fitness.

Mental health

As mental health improves, so does the percentage of people who are physically fit and financially very fit.

Financial fitness

Respondents with better financial fitness have better physical fitness and mental health.

Health is wealth

When it comes to wellbeing, health and wealth go hand in hand. Most survey respondents believe that you can't enjoy your wealth if you are not physically and mentally healthy.

  • 84% believe they need to be physically healthy to enjoy their wealth
  • 82% believe they need to be mentally healthy to enjoy their wealth
  • 80% believe their physical health and financial wellbeing are equally important
  • 74% see their money can help them achieve better physical health

Financial planning drives wellbeing

Financial planning drives wellbeing. For people who review their financial plan at least once a year:

  • 73% have average or above average mental health
  • 46% feel physically fit

For people who have used financial products to increase the value of their assets in the past six months:

  • 71% have average or above average mental health
  • 48% feel physically fit

For people who have adequate health care protection:

  • 74% have average or above average mental health
  • 47% feel physically fit

For people who have a comprehensive retirement plan:

  • 77% have average or above average mental health
  • 51% feel physically fit

For people who ask financial advisers, insurance brokers and bank staff for professional advice whenever necessary:

  • 74% have average or above average mental health
  • 50% feel physically fit


The survey's results show that it's not enough to measure wealth without considering other factors. For a better quality of life – both at work and at home – you need to nurture all three forms of wellbeing.

At HSBC, we offer the financial tools and expertise to help you attain complete prosperity. Having a flexible, long-term wealth strategy in place will help give you the opportunity to fulfil all your ambitions.

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