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Premier NextGen for Kids Banking

Helping your child well into adulthood

It's never too early to plan for your children's future

At HSBC, we care about building a brighter future for you and your family. That's why we created Premier NextGen.

It's designed to teach your children how to save and manage their spending, giving them more independence as they grow up. Premier NextGen can instill good financial habits in your children, providing them with skills that will help protect them against future economic uncertainties.

Now is the time to start planning for your children's financial security. In a world where everything seems to have gone up several notches, we offer a seamless transition of banking from childhood into adulthood.

As a Premier customer, family members linked to your relationship can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits including:

  • Global Premier status
  • Global View and Global Transfer among all your global HSBC accounts
  • Worldwide assistance and protection
  • Preferential rates for loans and international money transfers
  • Access to the HSBC global network, which covers more than 100 cities

Key features if your children are under 18

  • Joint Savings Account you can open with your children
  • Children above 16 receive a contactless HSBC Premier Visa Platinum Debit Card with zero-fee withdrawals at HSBC ATMs worldwide
  • Online banking, mobile banking and phone banking access for parents, allowing you to view your children's accounts and provide financial guidance
  • Standing instructions to send money from your accounts to your children's
  • Goal planning for your children with a focus on saving for their education and to help them start building their wealth
  • Life insurance and health insurance to protect your family

Additional features once your child turns 18

  • Children aged 18-30 receive Premier status with no minimum balance requirement as long as their Standalone Savings Account is mapped to your own Premier account10
  • Contactless HSBC Premier Visa Platinum Debit Card with zero-fee withdrawals at HSBC ATMs worldwide11
  • Overseas education proposition
  • HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card with worldwide acceptance or supplementary HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card for your children

  • An access to Premier phone banking, mobile banking and online banking to enable your children to start managing their bank accounts independently as they enter into their adulthood
  • Access to your Relationship Manager

10Maintain a quarterly Total Relationship Balance of INR4,000,000; or have a mortgage relationship with disbursal of INR11,500,000 or more with HSBC India; or hold a corporate salary account under the HSBC Corporate Employee Programme in India with a net monthly salary credit of INR300,000 or more into the account.

11Daily limit is INR250,000 for ATM withdrawal and transactions.

Speak to your Relationship Manager to find a financial gift just right for your children.

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Who can apply?

To apply for HSBC Premier, check that you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Maintain a quarterly Total Relationship Balance1 (TRB) of INR4,000,000 (rupees forty lakh only); or
  • Have a mortgage2 relationship with disbursal of INR11,500,000 (rupees one crore fifteen lakh only) or more, with HSBC India; or
  • Hold a corporate salary account under the HSBC Corporate Employee Programme (CEP)3 in India with a net monthly salary credit of INR300,000 (rupees three lakh only) or more into the account; or

If you're an HSBC Premier customer in another country/region, you're already eligible to join Premier in India - Simply speak to our Premier team for further help.

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Fill in the callback form and we'll phone you back to discuss your application for an HSBC Premier account.

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Call us on 1800 266 3456 or 1800 120 4722

From overseas call:

+91-40-61268001 or +91-80-71898001

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To apply in a branch, just bring your identification document and a recent proof of address.

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