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Moratorium package for credit card customers

Find the latest updates on the moratorium for credit cardholders, as well as answers to your questions and how to apply.

The moratorium period on your credit card will end on 31 August 2020. Find what you need to know about the next steps you can take and how we remain committed in helping you through these challenging times.

Top credit card moratorium questions

Will interest be levied on the credit card amount not paid by me during the moratorium period?

Can I place a request for removal of my credit card account from moratorium on making complete payments?

What happens after the moratorium period ends?

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We know that many of you are worried about how to handle your finances during Covid-19. So we'd like you to know that you don't need to go to a branch to handle most of your daily banking needs.


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As the situation evolved we have had to update our branch services and hours. View the latest information.

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