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Discontinued Loans

Loans that are no longer offered by HSBC

Loans not available to new customers

The HSBC MyHome product is no longer being offered to customers. Information is for the reference of existing MyHome customers only.

MyHome Loan Features & Benefits

MyHOME lets you change your EMI every year over the tenor of your loan, depending on your financial needs.Every year, depending on your financial needs, you can decide to pay an EMI that is either 15% higher or lower than the regular EMI.

The option to change your EMI upto 15% higher or lower is not available in the last EMI year. You can start paying lower from the first year onwards and can do so until the second last EMI year (i.e. until the 24th year for a 25 year loan). One can pay higher EMI from the 13th EMI month onwards (i. e. from the first EMI month in the 2nd year).

Availing the option to lower your EMI may result in the monthly EMI being insufficient to cover the interest due. Any such unserviced interest will be added to the outstanding principal and interest charged thereon at the applicable rate of interest.

You can revise the option of paying higher or lower each year only at the time of the annual review of the account.

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