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Thematic Videos: Unlocking investment trends with Financial Times

26 Mar 2024

Prepare for an insightful journey with our CIOs as they delve into the most critical topics and emerging trends that are shaping the financial landscape, and highlight the best opportunities for customers to make informed investment decisions.

These videos are created in collaboration with the Financial Times and resonate well with the investment themes featured in our HSBC Perspectives Q2 2024.


How will rate cuts affect bonds in 2024?

With inflation moderating, most central banks are expected to cut rates this year. This will weigh on cash returns. However, bond markets, which incorporate a significant premium over inflation, remain attractive as an important diversifier and offer an income stream. Investors should look to quality issuers amid a global economic slowdown. 

Watch the video with Willem Sels, Global Chief Investment Officer, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth, for more insights.

The Allure of Asia

Asia is the biggest global growth engine, providing plenty of investment opportunities and diversification for investors globally. India stands out for its strong growth prospects, but Indonesia is also attractive due to its rapid urbanisation, upgraded manufacturing and vast resources, while South Korea benefits from the AI-driven global tech upcycle.

Watch the interview with James Cheo, Chief Investment Officer, Southeast Asia and India, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth, for more insights.

The building blocks of US resilience

The tailwinds of rate cuts, continued disinflation and strong earnings growth should make the US an attractive market this year. Structural trends, such as the tech revolution, healthcare innovation and re-industrialisation, are also driving long-term growth in several sectors. In spite of the upside, volatility is likely and investors should focus on quality companies.

Watch the video with Jose Rasco, Chief Investment Officer, Americas, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth, for more insights. 

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